About Gradient Pixels

Gradient Pixels is about designing real world concepts for both individuals and businesses who feel confidence in knowing the themes they download from me are created for those who are serious about their website or blog. In addition to my stylish designs, I am here to help you build your website with tutorials and valuable tips & tricks to guide you through the process when using my themes.

You will find that my design technique is more of a minimalist style which includes a nice clean and professional approach to visual creativity. I believe that themes should not be loaded down with excessive scripts, css, or built-in plugins and extensions that will only slow down your website, or worse, creating the potential for something going wrong. Keeping it simple makes a theme run smooth and looking good with quality coding and faster load times.

I primarily focus on the award winning Joomla! cms, but I also work with the ever popular blogging platform called WordPress. So if you like what you read here, feel free to explore the site and try out a theme or template!. If you need a custom theme or template, you are welcome to submit a request for your own unique design.